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What headroom is needed for a loft conversion?


One of the main considerations in converting a loft is the need to have 2 meters headroom all the way up the stairs, including the landing at the top of the stairs and under the stairs where it is installed over an existing staircase. If you have a height of 2.3 from the top of your existing ceiling joist to the underside of the ridge there is a good chance it can be converted and conform to the building regulations. If you are not sure give us a call an we will give you a free survey
Trusses are used in modern roof construction they are designed to span the building from one external wall to the other without the need to be supported in the centre with a load bearing wall.  In order to convert this type of roof, it is necessary to reinforce it by fixing new rafters to the existing trusses and supporting the ceiling joist section of the truss before any of the diagonal bracing of the truss can be removed.  We have converted many of these and they are reasonably straight forward.
can a modern truss roof be converted
Yes. You can do as much of the work as you want to.  You may want us to do all the structural work and you could do the rest. You or your friends may be able to do the plumbing /plastering/electrics(part p qualified electrician required). You may want to install the insulation or lay the floor. We will give you advice on how to do any of the work and what materials to use.

can I do part of the work myself
Some builders ask for a deposit before they start work or when materials are delivered. We do not ask you for a deposit the way we require payment is in three or four equal payments at different stages of work. Each payment to be made after it has been inspected and the work passed by the building inspector. This means that you do not pay untill that stage of work is complete and has been approved, thus you are never at any risk
do I need to leave a deposit
In a lot of cases you can now extend your house without the need for planning permission. The regulations for permitted development came in to force on the 1st October 2008. 

will Ineed planning pemission
We do not let the work out to subcontractors. All tradesmen work under our supervision.
do you subcontract the work out

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